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With the Traces show up and running, I was ready for some experimentation, and looking for subject matter, inspiration was easy to find. Springs are gorgeous here in Victoria, and the cherry trees have been flowering for several weeks.

Cherries are members of the genus Prunus, which contains other familiar plants such as plumbs, peaches and apricots. They all are members of the Rose Family, and they do have a certain ‘look’ about them. So what makes a rose a rose?

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Cotton Grass

More Scottish Plants!

These beauties grow on the walk to Sandwood Bay, close to the north-west tip of Scotland. Having lived at the edge of the Canadian prairies for a number of years, one thing that struck me about Scotland is how long it takes to get anywhere. The whole country is only ~200 kilometres across from coast to coast (that’s eyeballing on Google Maps at the widest point), but it has lots of lochs and mountains, and none of the roads are straight. I spent two nights at Sheigra and took the path to Sandwood Bay, which is four and a half miles one way, with a wild and wind-swept beach at the end.

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Background Experiments

I needed a few days to catch up on life after the Studio Tour, which was a lot of fun. (A big hello and thanks to everyone who stopped by to look at art and chat!)  My next planned drawing requires yet another dark background with lighter objects in front. I seem to be fond of doing this, and I love the visual result. In the past, I have always sketched out the main features and then filled in the background by drawing around them in pencil. For a large drawing, this is a lot of work, and if the objects are intricate or oriented the wrong way, they start to interfere with my stroke.

Given enough patience, this is not problem, but especially for a larger drawing, getting it right takes time – so rather than just start, I thought I would play around a bit to explore other options.

Materials Tried Four Pics
I tried compressed graphite (crayons and sticks), powdered graphite, and masking (fluid and tape)

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