In a nutshell, I am a biologist who likes to draw. Art was one of my early passions, but when the time came to choose, I decided to study biology instead. This took me from my native Germany to England, Wales, and ultimately to Canada, where I completed a PhD in environmental biology.

In the time since, I have worked as a researcher, a university teacher, and even completed a law degree to learn about the tricky interface between the environment and society. While none of this was directly about art, my penchant for drawing and visual expression often found outlets in unexpected ways.

As a researcher, I used drawings to keep track of mystery macrofossils under my microscope. As a teacher, I sketched plants and their parts for my botany classes. Doing science has honed my observation skills and patience. Teaching it often challenged me to explain complex ideas using images. Much of this was reflected in my work when I started doing art again in earnest.

Today, I am based in Victoria, British Columbia. My main medium is still plain old pencil, but I also like ink, coloured pencil, and am starting to explore digital media. As an artist, I seem to flirt with surrealism. As an illustrator, I am interested especially in work that draws on my science background, be it as a technical specialist or as a communicator and teacher. 

I am a member of the Island Illustrators Society (check out my Canada 150 vintage posters here), the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, and an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.