Month: February 2018

Fancy Digs

Growing up, my concept of the seaside was all about sandy beaches and intertidal mudflats.

I still adore both of these things, but when I visited my first rocky coast as a student, it felt like re-discovering this ‘ocean’ thing anew. The power of waves as they crash on rock. The riot of birds that breed on cliff faces. And looking down in the intertidal, a never-ending string of marvels right before your feet. Tide pools in particular are a delight. To me, they are like windows to a different world that is normally hidden under water.

Needless to say, love British Columbia’s coast, and a great place to explore it is Botanical Beach by Port Renfrew. Make sure you know the tides and waves before you head out, then spend some joyful hours clambering about. Mussels, urchins, algae, rock – all set to amazing views along the coastline and its kelpy waters.

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