Month: January 2018


When people look at my art, one of the things they sometimes say is “I love your sketches.”  This statement never fails to baffle me, not because I find it insulting — it is clearly meant as a compliment, and I take it as such — but to me, sketching is a very different artistic process from what I do.

I draw. My art is very much planned and deliberate, and each of my pieces involves many hours of work. But while I am confident in my drawing skills, I would never call myself particularly competent when it comes to sketching. To catch the essence of an object or impression in a few quick strokes takes a different eye, and a sureness of hand that is rarely called for in my style of drawing. Getting good at it takes practice, so for this particular piece, I decided to start out with some sketches.

I reinforced the lines I liked with a softer pencil, so maybe I cheated. But they did come out better than I had expected.

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