Month: October 2017

Six Geese a-Laying

The Island Illustrators are doing illuminated letters themed after the Twelve Days of Christmas. Here is my contribution. The final version has some colour, but I rather like the inky black & white.

Going Deep

What is it about vertebrae?¬†There is something about them I find absolutely fascinating. Their complex shape, the way it changes along the spine, the way they articulate with each other – I am not quite sure what it is, but vertebrae have been on my ‘must draw’ list for quite some time.

To learn about the mammalian spine, a whale is probably not the optimum choice, since the bones are modified to reflect the animal’s aquatic lifestyle. But I wanted to do a companion piece to my orca skull, and while these vertebrae may lack some features you would find in a terrestrial mammal, they are fascinating in their own right.

Orca vertebrae (not to scale)

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