Month: November 2016

Hmmm ….

Remember that project? The one that started out with a really promising vision, and that you put all your honest effort in, only to get to the end and think, “Actually, I am not really sure that I like that.” I feel like that way about this drawing. It is another seaweed (another Fucus, to be precise) and it looked almost black when I found it on the beach. Looking more closely though, the way the light broke on its surface brought out all sorts of interesting colours.


I do like the left half of this drawing, but there is something that bugs me about the right. When I first finished it, the colours and composition felt slightly off, and having looked at it for a week, that feeling has persisted. It does look better in the scan, which really brings out the greens on the right. But for now, I am shelving this under ‘practice’.

Fall Studio Tour!

The Oak Bay Studio Tour is on this weekend, with 29 participating artists inviting the public to visit and view their work. I will be showing my art in the Neighbourhood Learning Centre at 2121 Cadboro Bay Road (located in the Oak Bay High School). The Oak Bay News ran an article on me earlier this week, and some of the pieces mentioned will be on display. Come by for a look and chat, then go on the tour to learn more about the work of many other Oak Bay artists!

A brochure and map for the full event is available on the Oak Bay Recreation website. To download it, click here or the icon below.