Month: September 2015

Work in Progress – Ferns

You know how every now and again, when working on a new project, you hit that moment where you think “OK, so maybe this was a little too ambitious”. If the project is a drawing, this is the moment when you have to take a step back, look at the whole thing, and remind yourself how the end result will be worth it.   Read more

Understanding Rock

One of the fun things about art is that it prompts me to ponder deep and existential questions,  like “what makes rock look like rock?” Working in pencil, colour is not much help, so I am fascinated by surfaces, patterns, and textures. Metal is all about contrast and reflection, while wood has surprisingly many faces. There is the grain in all its various orientations, but there is also the smoothness of driftwood, and the distinct, gnarly angles of branches and roots.

My next major drawing involves quite a bit of rock, so I went out and had a look at some local walls and outcrops. Read more

Show me the Beans

A few weeks ago, I took part in the Bowker Creek Brush Up, an annual art show and sale in one of our local parks. This gave me the chance to talk to quite a few people about my art, and several of them commented on the French press in the Kitchen series. They said it spoke to them, so being a coffee drinker myself, I decided to do another piece.

I also thought it was time to try something new, so went out and bought myself some nibs and ink.

Coffee Pictures
Mmmmmm….. can’t you almost smell it?

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